What is Pedodontics?

Pedodontics, otherwise known as pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry dealing with infants and children from birth through adolescence, including those with special needs.

Why is this important?

Dental visits at a young age teach children about proper oral hygiene and incur good dental habits in them. Cavities and tooth decay can be prevented and healthy oral habits are inculcated. Kids who visit the dentist at a young age understand better that dental visits are neither painful nor unpleasant. Such patients generally grow into adults who feel comfortable with regular dental upkeep. Further, as the baby teeth grows and falls out, regular dental visits helps to ensure that any developmental abnormalities are caught early and corrected. Thus children can grow into healthy and confident youngsters, who are able to chew food correctly and also speak clearly.

Why Maeoris?

Children’s teeth are markedly different from the teeth in adults as majority of the issues like baby bottle tooth decay (nursing bottle caries) and thumb sucking are associated with children.

At Maeoris, we understand the needs of our young patients and deliver the best care, keeping their psychology in mind. We also encourage parents to play a proactive role and educate them with the best practices, to ensure that their children enjoy excellent oral health throughout their lives. We thus help facilitate normal speech development and give children a healthy start to their lives. Our friendly ambience and staff ensure that your children are completely comfortable when they interact with us. Contact us right away and help your children take the next big step to success!