What is surgery?

Surgery, as the term suggests, is any number of medical procedures that involve artificially modifying the teeth and jaw bones. Typically, dental surgery takes place when there is no other option but to medically intervene to correct any deformity or trauma in the mouth. This practice of medical science provides treatments based on the oral condition of your teeth structures, gums and jaws. Only after this collective study and the diagnosis of your general health, will your dentist suggest surgery. Therefore, surgery comes into place only when any other form of treatment option will not help you restore your oral health.

When is this important?

As highlighted, dental surgery is suggested only when an artificial intervention is genuinely required to restore your oral health. The intensity of this may vary depending on the case at hand. Some common cases when you might need dental surgery are:

  • When you have you have an impacted tooth. For example, a tooth that impacts another tooth due to lack of growth space can cause damage to the tooth and the structure of the jaw bone.
  • When you face a tooth loss due to an accident or infection. Dental implants are offered as substitutes and require surgery.
  • When you have a jaw-related problem. For example, unequal jaw growth, improvement of denture fits and joint disorders in the joints of the mouth.



Orthognathic Surgery


Why Maeoris?

Surgery, of any type, is a daunting offer to a patron or patient. At Maeoris, we make it a point to create the patron's confidence by ensuring they are aware of the diagnosis, the treatment, the materials and the actual surgery procedure being done. Surgery requires preparation and post-surgery care. Not only do we educate our patrons, we ensure we keep a close eye on every case, even after the surgery is over. This is what ensures we have long-term relationships with all of our patients. At Maeoris, only the best materials, technology and innovations are deployed for any case. To ensure that our patrons are confident with our solutions, we have also set up a sterilization and maintenance operatory at our facility. This is a key aspect of any surgery and we have spared no expense to ensure our patients get the highest quality of service and products.