Virtual Implant Planning

Our clinic makes placement of implants and replacement of missing teeth easier with the help of advanced software.

We take the patient’s CBCT image taken with our in house Galileos CBCT machine and put it in our implant software (NOBEL CLINICIAN), evaluate the thickness of bone and plan an implant according to the nature of bone present. This software also allows us to place an abutment.
After planning the case in the software, we send the same scan to the 3D printing machine to create a surgical guide or template. This template allows us to position our drills used to place the implants in an accurate manner.
Once we have the plan as well as the surgical template, next step is to place the implant in the desired position in the patient.
Thus with all this technological advancements, we provide a report of the same to the patient, thus helping them understand the procedure as well as anticipate the outcome of the treatment. This also makes procedure of placing implant faster and much less complicated.